Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Computing in my shower

Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

This isn't real yet, but it is realistic.

Does anyone else often find themselves thinking a lot in the shower? What about movies and TV series - I watch heaps and I do it all the time, cause I kinda hate sitting down and doing nothing, but I love it as well. Or maybe it's that I feel I'm doing nothing whilst I'm washing the dishes or taking a shower so I'm bored by that. . . .

ANYWAY! My cool idea (if I do say so myself) is to get some suction pads and a waterproof case for an iPad. Stick it in my shower and watch movies while I bathe (either directly on the iPad or streaming over Wifi from my laptop - all easily achieveable). I mean it's not only TV shows or movies, I often start to plan my day whilst I'm in the shower or think of some neat ideas or things I'd like to do on my holidays and it would be so cool to be able to write something down in Notes or take a water enchanced voice recording of the list of things I want to do today.

I dunno, just seems awesome to me. I just don't have an iPad. And I'm sure this is adaptable to a bath, but I don't have one of those either. . . .


  1. haha, i thought i was the only one who got some real thinking done in the shower.

  2. Y'know you can get waterproof paper, reasonably priced? Just hang a notepad of that and a pencil up in your shower. For the note-taking side of things.
    As for the rest... why on earth would you spend so much time in a shower that you need to watch a tv show?? Oh wait, by 'tv show' do you mean 'porn'?

  3. I think in the shower all the time, then i randomnly end up singing songs xD am abit weird people say... :S