Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Redmond Pie

So, the iPhone. I've got one, it's my second one. In terms of mobile phones I don't think I've every had one for a very long time. I had a Nokia that lasted a year or two when I was in high school so I don't think the rapid changing (or upgrading) of phones now is that big a difference.... oh wait, my Nokia 3315 cost me $50 6 years ago. My iPhone is worth close to $1000. (BTW - talking AU$ here)

It's crazy isn't it! $1000 for a gadget the size of a pack of smokes. For me though, I love it. It's what I've always dreamed of (not quite) being able to carry everything in your pocket. I can call and msg people - that's what I loved about first getting a mobile phone - but not only can I do that I can take photos of things, check my bank balance, keep all my secret passwords and special health care numbers, bank card details . . . this is starting to sound like I'm an identity fraud case waiting to happen. Anyway, you get the point. I love the internet, and I have it in my pocket now. Hey, and I remember buying a shitty mp3 player for $130 dollars once, I could fit 2 CDs into it. There's another pro about the iPhone.

I'll finish by talking about an aspect of the iPhone which is not so good - the restrictions. It is obviously a marketing ploy to be able to make the iPhone upgradable - software and hardware both included. There is this wonderful world of jailbreaking that is trying oh so hard to bring out the full potential of this amazing device - and it is amazing to be able to do all the things you can on that phone. Jailbreaking opens a wonderful world allowing people to customise their phone they way they want. That's the bottom line. It gives more features to a device that can do much more.

I'll leave you all with a video I find quite funny. It sums up iPhone users everywhere for me (yes including me) in a funny little nutshell.

LANGUAGE WARNING for those that are offended by strong language.

And if anyone wants lots of cool updates about the iPhone, check out Very up to date site with all the latest news.

What should I talk about next?

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  1. The iPhone is handy, but i often find its drawbacks annoying. Funny Video BTW.